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Research Center for Climatology

The Center’s vision for the future

This Center will lead climate research in Asia, rather than just act as a think tank for climate research in Japan. The following achivements can be expected: the aqusition of knowledge on urban climate using high density weather observation networks and cumulonimbus observation systems using electrostatic measurement that will be newly installed; conducting new research on urban climatic environment by collaborating with regional climate model research; and the design of new research based on collaboration with institutions such as the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Medical Examiner’s Office on the urban heatstroke problem, which has rarely been addressed until now by researchers with a background in meteorology or climatology. Moreover, by conducting research on changing mechanisms of Asian monsoons, and research on the mutual relationship of climate phenomena at different scales, namely the Asian monsoon and the urban climate, which we are promoting centered on the Tokyo metropolitan region, we can expect to develop international research involving various countries and cities in Asia.

In the future, along with intensified joint research interactions with universities and research institutions in countries such as the USA, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, we will build a framework to advance research in collaboration with climatological and meteorological research institutions mainly in Asia.

The Third International MAHASRI/HyARC Workshop in VietNamThe Third International MAHASRI/HyARC Workshop in VietNam