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Research Center for Climatology

Innovative features of the Center

Although researches on Asian monsoon climate and urban climate have been carried out at various institutions in Japan, few institutions lead international joint research projects. Moreover, the connection between these climate researches at different scales has been weak. This Research Center has been collaborating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government by conducting research using a dense weather observation network including metropolitan air pollution monitoring stations and our own observations. We also have various types of urban climate observation equipment and have obtained results through unique atmospheric measurements.

We are promoting joint research on rainfall characteristics in the capital area in Japan with the East Japan Railway Company R&D Center Disaster Prevention Laboratory. We are also promoting research on local and regional climate using regional climate models, and are currently developing research that will contribute to regional future climate predictions. Even worldwide, only few research communities are able to develop these various kinds of research, and therefore, this is an important research area where Tokyo Metropolitan University can contribute globally.