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Tokyo Metropolitan University Research Center

Greeting from the President

Jun Ueno
Jun Ueno

At Tokyo Metropolitan University, our goals are to become a global top level university in terms of education and research, internationalism, and diversity, as is the duty of any institute of higher education. This goal is steadily becoming a reality.

Of these goals, the university has been highly commended socially for its research work, ranking 9th among the 779 universities in Japan in last year’s Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Our evaluation for citations, a particularly important constituent index for rankings, was high even when viewed at a global level, and is perfectly described as backing for the university’s research prowess.

The standard of research carried out by each of our lecturers is extremely high and they are all highly regarded in their respective fields. At Tokyo Metropolitan University, research groups that produce outstanding results and have the potential to become international research hubs and those working in unique fields that are aligned with the university’s mission are designated as “research centers” and given support by the university.

We aim to become a world-leading research hub, and have so far established eleven centers. In addition to those introduced in the last issue: the Research Center for Space Science, the Research Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, the Research Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, the Research Center for Gold Chemistry, the Research Center for Language, Brain and Genetics, the Research Center for Water System Engineering, and the Research Center for Community Centric Systems, we have newly opened four centers. These are the Research Center for Climatology, the Research Center for Social Big Data, the Research Center for Child and Adolescent Poverty Overview and the Research Center for Quantitative Finance.