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Research Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics

The Center's vision for the future

The “1,000 dollar genome” is one of the aims in the post-Human Genome Project era. This refers to analyzing a person’s genome for 1,000 dollars and if it is realized, ultimately it will become possible to know all of a person’s genomic information just by taking a sample of blood at a clinic. If that genomic information could be understood, it would enable the optimum medical treatment for that patient and it would also become possible to prescribe the optimum drugs in light of an individual’s genomic information. Technology to analyze and judge genomic data correctly will be important to that end.

At this Research Center, we are carrying out research in basic biological areas that contribute to the fundamentals of genomic analysis technology. Specifically, we will further promote research using Drosophila to investigate how things related to the basic nature of life are governed by genetic information.

We think that the acquisition of software development abilities and experimental techniques using high throughput DNA sequencers will lead to the development not only of human resources ready to work in cutting-edge research but also of human resources combining abilities in biological experiments and information analysis that can play a cross-disciplinary role among different scientific fields.