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Research Center for Hazard Mitigation in Volcanic Islands and Urban Areas

Research contents

Theme A: Fundamental research

Sub-theme A1: Fundamental studies on active volcano and volcanic hazard in Tokyo (Suzuki, Shirai, Ishimura, Murata, Aoki, Takahashi, Kobayashi, Nishizawa).

Sub-theme A2: Time-lapse earthquake tomography and InSAR analysis for volcanic islands in Tokyo (Oda).

Theme B: Research for damage prediction

Sub-theme B1: Studies for prediction of volcanic hazards, hazard maps and frequency of volcanic eruption using IT technology (Nakayama).

Sub-theme B2: Numerical verification on crowd evacuation and its countermeasures against volcanic disaster (Kishi).

Sub-theme B3: Economic impact analysis of volcanic ashfall produced by eruptions (Ishikura).

Theme C: Research for restoration and reconstruction

 Sub-theme C1: Effective utilization method of volcanic ash or scoria for concrete making material (Ueno).

Theme D: Risk Communication Study for Volcanic Islands

Sub-theme D1: A study for move out & return plan triggered by a volcano hazard event – total island decision and action model for evacuation (Ichiko, Takamichi).

Sub-theme D2: Development of literacy improvement program for disaster prevention from the view point of promotion of life on islands (Kachi, Kurokawa).