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Research Center for Water System Engineering

The Center's vision for the future

The center will promote a vision for the future of next generation water systems from a broad perspective based on a joint industry-government-academia framework that enables the maintenance of sound water facilities and high quality water supply. Also, as a think tank for domestic water businesses, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the center will also pursue activities with an eye on development as a technological base leading water supply in Asia.

We will newly develop long-term joint research efforts with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks and national research institutions to apply the center’s research results at water supply sites throughout the country. Furthermore, in addition to continuing the diverse development of joint research and student exchanges with the University of Seoul, research exchange systems with universities mainly in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and India will be constructed. We would like to transmit the research results of this center not only to Asia, but to the world.

Group photograph at the Seoul-Tokyo ForumGroup photograph at the Seoul-Tokyo Forum