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Research Center for Community Centric Systems

Achievements and awards

  • Supporting project for disaster countermeasures robot industry
Professor YAMAGUCHI, Professor KUBOTA:
  • JST PRESTO pioneer research “Interaction and Intelligence”, NEDO 21st Century Robot Challenge Intelligence Technology PJ, etc. The term “community centric” was submitted to IEEE by this research group as a whole, and accepted. Participated in several IEEE-related international conferences. The Robot Society Japan, Fellow from 2016
Associate Professor ICHIKO:
  • Lab director of “Regional disaster prevention research”, Promotion of creating regional disaster prevention communities.
Professor NITTA:
  • Lab director of “Social ROB”, Promoting research in the field of health, welfare and nursing care.
Professor TAKAMA:
  • Lab director of “Social Big Data Utilization”, Implementation of JST Sakura science plan, Director of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence”, Director of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics, Has held various positions.
Professor KIYA:
  • IEEE fellow since 2015, Promoting globalization
Associate Professor Wada:
  • Promotion of the SICE “Convenient Robot Contest” and promotion of the social advance of robots
Assistant Professor Ka:
  • Attended the IEEE Region 10 Student / YP / WIE Congress 2015 as the representative of Tokyo Young Professionals. Contributes to the promotion of diversity