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Research Center for Community Centric Systems

Innovative features of the Center

This research center is composed of three laboratories of Disaster Prevention Community Research, Social ROB Research and Social Big Data Application. The environment enabling cutting-edge research while using and collaborating with each respective specialty is one of the outcomes of the establishment of this research center.
This research center held international workshops and international seminars five times in 2015 and has also rolled out positive activities including the implementation of disaster prevention events in cooperation with local communities, the establishment of the university venture company Social Robotics, joint research with private companies and the implementation of lecture meetings.

Furthermore, we are working on things like the construction of mobile trailer homes incorporating artificial intelligence functions. These homes can be operated as community facilities during times of normality and used to collect data on local residents. Required data is then exchanged between the necessary users at times of emergency. Apart from that, we are also working on the development of robots to assist evacuees at times of disaster and while living in evacuation accommodation, and the development of robots possessing network-type intelligence through the rearrangement as intelligence on them of logged big data, enabled to communicate with users. The accumulation of logs by social robots, which are the basic infrastructure, and the strengthening of intelligence systems for dialogue based on analysis of that social big data, will lead to breakthroughs in the various problems large cities are surrounded by, including disaster prevention, welfare and nursing care for the elderly, tourism and the revitalization of small shops, etc.