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Research Center for Language, Brain and Genetics

Achievements and awards

Associate Professor Fumitaka Homae:
  • Received the 18th Young Investigator Award of the Nakayama Foundation for his research on developmental neuroscience relating to infants’ speech perception. Has published over 30 scientific papers.
Associate Professor Ryuichiro Hashimoto:
  • Specializes in functional imaging methods in neuroscience of language and social neuroscience. Was engaged in the study of clinical neuroscience, focusing on developmental disorders, at U.S. research institutes. Has published over 30 papers in international science journals.
Professor Yoshiaki Kikuchi:
  • Received the Outstanding Presentation Award, Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology; Outstanding Award, Japan Academy of Health Sciences; Best Paper Award, the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, etc.
Professor Kuniyasu Imanaka:
  • Member, Special Committee, Committee on Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; Member, Special Committee, Committee for National University Education and Research Evaluation; Auditor, Japanese Society of Sport Psychology, etc.
Professor Toshiro Aigaki:
  • JST Sakigake 21; Planned research on priority areas of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; NEDO; Tokyo Metropolitan Leading Project, etc.
Takeo Yoshikawa, Senior Team Leader:
  • Director, Japanese Society of Biological Psychiatry; Council Member, Japanese Society of Schizophrenia Research; Council Member, the Japan Society of Human Genetics; Council Member, Japanese Society of Neuropsychopharmacology, etc.
Atsushi Nishida, Project Leader:
  • Has led one of Japan’s largest-scale mental health epidemiological surveys. Currently leads Japan’s first teen cohort study.