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Research Center for Language, Brain and Genetics

The Center's vision for the future

At the same time as preparing the environment so that research collaboration straddling the areas of the humanities, social science, science and engineering that are the specialist fields of the constituent members of the center functions sufficiently, we will use the diverse backgrounds of our respective researchers to deepen debate and research from various angles. In addition, we will promote research from the perspective of linguistic communication into the mental functions of humans and the biological foundations of related disabilities, and we will propose the cultivation of communication abilities based on the improvement of language abilities.

Apart from advancing joint research over the long term with the cohort research of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, we want to hire genomics science researchers who connect animals and humans to further strengthen our genetics research promotion system. I think that the elucidation of language-related genes will not only apply to the understanding of humans centered on objective language functions in the clinical medical field involved in language disorders and developmental disorders, but will also lead to the development of new diagnostic methods based on evidence.

Public symposium was heldPublic symposium was held