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Research Center for Space Science

Academic background

Aiming to become a representative research base on the unravelling of the mysteries of the universe based on cross-sectional research collaboration

Professor Takaya OHASHI, Dr. Science
Director of research center:
Professor Takaya OHASHI,
Dr. Science
Department of Physics,
Graduate School of Science
and Engineering

This research center has become a high level research base in the world by gathering together six research groups related to space science, four from physics (experimental astrophysics, high energy physics, atomic physics, and theoretical astrophysics) and two from chemistry (cosmochemistry and physical chemistry). In addition, participating researchers are very active on various themes including research using JAXA satellites, and promote cross-sectional research collaboration beyond their departments. Using that advantage, we have already produced various results.

The center also participated in the planning of scientific satellites. As a good example, Hayabusa 2 is currently continuing steadily on its flight towards an asteroid and we are developing and preparing equipment to analyze the samples that will be brought back, looking at a return in 2020. Apart from the direct results, the center pushes various active programs, including particle physics experiments using accelerators and nuclear reactor neutrinos, ground experiments on solar wind multivalent ion reactions, ion accumulation experiments that reproduce interstellar molecular reactions and theoretical understanding of the cosmic evolution.