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Research Center for Social Big Data

Achievements and awards

  • A Research Center member gave the keynote speech at AIAI, an IFIP-hosted international conference on artificial intelligence, on theoretical models of social big data.
  • A Research Center member gave a presentation at IWIN, an international conference on information science, on technology that predicts highly cited literature based on time series data analysis using open access journals, and received the Advanced Information Science Award.
  • A Research Center member implemented research on methods for the visualization of analysis results jointly with WingArc1st, a company with a high share in visualization software.
  • We held meetings on joint research with the Tokyo Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Tourism Division for use in tourism promotions for foreigners visiting Japan for the holding of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
  • We implemented joint research on the classification of moonquakes with JAXA and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan to confirm the possibility that mistakes are included in existing classification research and the usefulness of deep learning, which has attracted the latest attention in general classification tasks.
  • A doctoral candidate received an incentive award at the FIT Information Science Technology Forum co-hosted by the Information Processing Society of Japan and The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, and a graduate student received a student incentive award at an Sig Database System meeting by the Information Processing Society of Japan.