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Research Center for Social Big Data

The Center's vision for the future

Theories and modeling frameworks for the use of spurious correlations will be required for the visualization of analysis of social big data. Consequently, realizing the provision of spatio-temporal analysis visualization methods and the foundations to process those at high speed will enable the application of results to a wider range of areas. In addition, enabling descriptions of highly abstract analysis and applications will promote the spread of use of social big data among more general users. Along with the realization of a dynamic knowledge society where different sectors cooperate, this will contribute to the academic development of big data science.

At the same time as we deepen alliances with universities in the EU region and Asia region (UPPA in France, Óbuda University in Hungary, and National Chi Nan University in Taiwan, etc.), which is thought useful for international standardization, we will invite foreign researchers in relevant fields. Furthermore, we will also add related humanities researchers (tourism science) from within our university to enhance our research layers. We will aim to improve our international academic presence by submitting papers positively to top international meetings and international journals while developing as an international research hub by transmitting the results of our education and research widely throughout the world through the positive transmission of results overseas on websites, keynote speeches at international conferences, and the holding of workshops, etc., and the writing of related academic books in English.