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Research Center for Social Big Data

Innovative features of the Center

The characteristic feature of this Research Center is the provision of integrated foundations to discover and use new value and knowledge from real world data by leveraging social data. It has advanced and practical aims. In particular, it is creative in shedding light on spurious correlations, which have not been researched sufficiently to this point, and additionally, our university is also contributing its international strengths to the further evolution of the big data field, which is currently strengthening. In addition, through the use of big data, we are also contributing to “the construction of an advanced knowledge society with a dynamic industrial structure,” one of our university’s principles. Moreover, by applying research outcomes to the resolution of various issues related to the disaster prevention and tourism areas in a metropolis, we are also able to contribute to the “improvement of the urban environment,” a principle of our university and an important issue for Tokyo.

Because it is supposed that foreign researchers with different cultures, and differences in research perspectives arising from differences of gender work effectively in researcher interaction, 3 of this Research Center’s total number of 13 researchers are of foreign backgrounds and consideration is also given to diversity.